Of Poems & Rhymes

Jan 25, 2021


When a poem ditches rhyme, and reads like an essay,
Does it still have the spirit of a poem, would you say?

I’m not a native speaker,
Nor do I hold a linguistics degree,
But the schemes of ABAB, or AABB,
I grew up learning, have become very dear to me!

Is poet a title better?
Couldn’t you just be an orator?
Or were you just pressed for time,
And forgot the scheme of rhyme?

Aaah! I don’t care for your rules and schemes,
I’mma gonna write my own universe,
You do your letter matching, purists,
I’m a rebel, I’ll do my free verse.

Might it be inspiring, revolutionary, once in a generation,
Filled with beauty, and malady, even with divinity sublime.
But I wonder how would I ever call it
A poem, if it does not rhyme?




Mostly stories documenting the lived experiences, stoking my self-conscious, introverted, sarcastic and borderline racist, middle-aged personality.